Cafe B.L.T.E
B.L.T.EThis is a standard sandwich, with added eggs in it. Secret ingredient that source from Japan
Cafe Bonjour Tea (Hot or Ice)
Bonjour Tea (Hot or Ice)We have 5 items of tea, such as Earl grey tea, Strawberry tea, Mango tea, Peach tea, Green tea
Please select it by your self

Cafe Café Latte (Hot or Ice)
Café Latte (Hot or Ice)Original Bonjour café coffee bean that serve to be espresso and mixed with milk.
( )Rp 4000 is also can added with hazelnut and caramel syrup

CAFE INFORMATIONCOSTUMER INFORMATIONBonjour cafe customers who like to drink cold or hot can take it home. Please tell our staff
CAFE INFORMATIONCOSTUMER INFORMATIONSandwiches in Bonjour Café are made by order. Please enjoy while it still hot and fresh sandwich.Salads and sandwiches can be ordered to take away. This is also made by order, so it is still warm when brought home
Cafe Curry Chicken Sandwich
Curry Chicken SandwichSandwich with original bonjour graham bread fill chicken, egg mayonnaise, beef bacon and also original curry sauce and milk potato. Please enjoy taste of curry
Cafe Regular Coffee (Hot or Ice)
Regular Coffee (Hot or Ice)Original Bonjour Coffee brand, can be enjoyed in various ways such as mixed with milk or mixed with sugar or black coffee only
Ice coffee is coffee with ice cube inside

Bonjour coffee bean is not originaly coffee bean only but also Bali coffee bean, Takengon coffee bean, Toraja coffee bean, Jawa coffee bean. Please select your favorite coffee
Cafe Smoked Salmon & Avocado Salad
Smoked Salmon & Avocado SaladLettuce is inserted into the bouquet and mixed in and in the topping with smoke salmon and avocado. This is the originaly bonjour dressing, please enjoy it
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